How dit I get into photography

With my first DSLR (a Nikon D80) back in 2006 I started to get into photography and soon discovered my favorite field: Landscapes

To see natures wonders itself is already an impressive experience, but when forced to get there early in the morning and to wait for the perfect light while trying to find the right composition, that gives me the possibility to enjoy our planet's beauty on a whole new level. The moment I hit the Shutter, the thrill and hope I got it like I wanted adds to the whole exitement of photography.

Starting out with a D80, I later changed to a new D7000 which gave me a lot more Dynamic Range and High ISO capability. But the real big step came just recently by upgrading to a fullframe D800. The usability of this Camera gives me  the opportunity to use it blindly, as there is almost every Setting available through a button or dial -> Reeeally usefuld when photographing in almost no light.

About me:

I live in St. Gallen, a small town in eastern Switzerland and when I am not out taking pictures or editing them I work as an airline pilot. That helps me a lot in fulfilling my other big interest which is traveling. It is also a good counterpart to the relaxed, creative photography.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say HI

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