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Earth, Water, Fire, and Air

Traveling around the World takes you to places that give you a completely different point of view of our planet. It lets me understand a lot better of how our world functions. The heritage of the people and their cultures and religions might be different, but a couple of things are the same all over the world (Or are they?)

Those are our four elements: earth, water, fire and air

Thinking about those four things let me realize that even those basic elements can have a very different meaning, depending where, and especially WHO you are in this world.


When driving through the cities where I live, I hardly ever see "the earth" anymore. Every centimeter of ground is built up and the planet below is covered by asphalt and buildings.

The Nabateans surely had a different point of view of earth. They didn't cover everything up, instead they used the earth and lived inside it. There are still hundred of houses built into the stones of the surrounding hills. The picture shows the monastery built in the 1st century BC in the city of Petra in Jordan. It is the largest monument in the historic nabatean capital.


Zion Falls

The people of Petra in the first picture invested a lot of man- and engineering power to build canals to get enough water to their people. On the contrary we in central Europe usually hate to hear the weather report forecasting a couple of rainy days.

But seeing a beautiful waterfall after a long and strenuous hike gives even a spoiled European a feeling of safety and shelter. We might have enough water around us all year long, but after a couple of hours without it, water is still the most pleasant thing to see...


Standing around in the dark, setting up the camera on the tripod and freezing on this beautiful spot in the Canyonlands Nationalpart in Moab, Utah and then finally seeing the first sunrays peeking over the distant mountaintops instantly warmed me up.

The landscape suddenly changed into those beautiful warm colors and made everyone present feel glad to have woken up this early.


To look at a star filled sky always gives me a real sense of freedom. As a pilot, I don't know on how many night flights I have enjoyed the thousands of stars filling up our sky.

Not only because it supplies the air I breathe,  the sky has a special meaning for me. It removes any borders and gives us the freedom to travel the world, to explore other continents, to overfly oceans and to get to know many people from all over the planet. 

This blogpost is intended to make you think about our world and what it has to offer. Especially in these days where war and devastation seems to be going on everywhere, I find it important to realize what our planet gives us. The four Elements might have a different meaning for everyone of us at first thought, but wherever we are and however we grew up, we are still breathing the same air, standing on the the same soil, enjoying the warmth of the same sun and looking at the same stars at night. 

Basic needs of all humans are the same all over the world, and that is what travelling makes me realize more and more every time I step off the plane in a foreign country.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions

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